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The Rosary Sisters Hospital
We need your Help
Beirut suffered a massive explosion on August 4, resulting in devastating destruction to the city and its port. The Rosary Sisters Hospital was the most affected hospital due to its proximity to the explosion area. The hospital suffered extensive structural and equipment damage as well as loss of life and many injuries among its medical staff.
Rebuilding this important humanitarian mission is a huge undertaking and will require the help of the Lebanese community and friends of Lebanon all over the world.

About the Hospital
This hospital has a long history in the heart of Beirut and was currently refurbished with a center for Breast Cancer patients as well as a special ophthalmology unit, it is a 200 bed hospital with up to date investigative equipment and operating rooms. The Hospital's funding has always been dependent on donors and charitable organizations and it is a nonprofit organization registered as an NGO in Lebanon. The hospital operates under the guidance of the Holy Chair in Rome.

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